Chinese Eco-city by Pierre Labgellier and Brice Pedroletti

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Sustainable Neighbourhoods / Urban Ecological Planning

China to Build First Eco-city, WEB Reference, May 10, 2006 (Guardian Weekly, Jean-Pierre Langellier and Brice Pedroletti)

Imagine it is 2010. The place is Dongtan, the world’s first purpose-built eco-city.
It stands in the middle of the marshes at the eastern tip of Chongming, China’s third largest island, at the mouth of the Yangtse River. None of the buildings is more than eight stories high. Turf and vegetation cover the roofs, a natural form of insulation that also recycles wastewater. The town has six times more space for pedestrians than
Copenhagen, one of Europe’s airiest capitals. Pollution-free buses, powered
by fuel cells, run between neighbourhoods. An Intranet service forecasts
travel times and connects people who want to share a car. Traditional
motorbikes are forbidden, replaced by electric scooters or bicycles. The
roads are laid out so that walking or cycling to work is quicker than driving.,,1767547,00.h

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