Sustainable Ecopreneurship Course at ASU

ASU Technopolis Sustainable Launch Prep Entrepreneurship Course (LPEC)


The Sustainable Launch Prep Entrepreneurship Course (Sustainable LPEC) is a program sponsored by Salt River Project (SRP) and the National Collegiate Inventors and Investors Alliance (NCIIA). The NCIIA has provided a grant to develop the Sustainable LPEC program and to deliver it twice during the 2007-2008 academic year.

This is an interactive introduction of basic sustainability and start-up concepts for innovators and entrepreneurs interested in creating ventures in markets related to sustainability.

The Sustainable LPEC course combines the best of education in sustainability and entrepreneurship from ASU Technopolis, the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability and the ASU School of Sustainability. Sustainability education components include an introduction to sustainability and sustainable development, an overview of sustainable technologies and markets, funding for sustainable ventures and examples of successful sustainable venture models. Entrepreneurial education covers all aspects of starting, funding and growing early-stage companies.

Dr. Jay Golden, Assistant Professor in the School of Sustainability and Director of the National Center of Excellence on Sustainable Material and Renewable Technology (SMART) Innovations, and Dan O’Neill, Entrepreneurial Coach with ASU Technopolis, co-facilitate the course. Both are seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs. The course also includes lectures from guest experts with expertise in sustainability-related markets who will speak on topics such as entrepreneurship, intellectual property, product development, business development, marketing, sales, finance, law and team building.

Each class attendee will have the opportunity, if they desire, to develop a business concept presentation to be given multiple times during the course of the class, including to a panel of sustainability business experts.

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Eight consecutive 3-hour Monday sessions from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. for up to 30 entrepreneurs. Teams or individuals create and present their business concepts.
Participants receive lectures from guest speakers such as ‘been there, done that’ entrepreneurs as well as domain experts in areas of intellectual property (IP), product development, business development, marketing, sales, finance, law and team building.
Guest speakers will specifically have expertise in sustainability and sustainable technology markets.
Participants study cases, review reference materials, complete homework, practice their business concept presentations and receive feedback on their work.
Draws upon ASU Global Institute of Sustainability and ASU Technopolis, as well as other sustainability and entrepreneurial resources, for materials and handouts. Participants are given homework.
The course ideally feeds into the Launch Pad Program. Those entrepreneurs with the most promising ideas and success in Sustainable LPEC may be invited to participate in the Launch Pad program.

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