Bamboo for Tucson

Another option for Tucson is bamboo construction. We must be very
concerned about introducing invasive species, but if we are going to
become “indigenous Tucsonans” we must be prepared to survive here.

These are two examples of remarkable bamboo construction — a 150 foot
car bridge and a 20,000 square foot pavilion. They do use concrete and
steel to reinforce the joints, but probably 100s of pounds, not 100s of
thousands of pounds.

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Did you know that there are species of bamboo that are drought resistant and, in fact, one species that grows south of us in the Sonoran Desert called Mexican Weeping Bamboo that makes a beautiful hedge and is also edible? Check out the Bamboo Ranch in west Tucson – an acreage that boasts a bamboo nursery and a bamboo grower who has been developing it for 20 years. email Matt Finstrom at: or look up this amazing enterprise in the phone book. Some of us in the natural building sector are growing “clumping” timber and edible bamboo from the Bamboo Ranch and wearing T-Shirts and other clothing made of spun bamboo!!!

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