Relocalization URL list

This list of URLs on relocalization comes from one of Eugene, Oregon’s great activists, Kathy Ging.

Community is the Solution:

Willits Economic Localization (WELL) 459-1256

Coast Economic Localization (CELL) 463-2921

Greater Ukiah Localization Project (GULP)

Potter Valley Community Planning

Boonville Economic Localization (with local grange)

Laytonville Economic Localization (with local grange)

South Coast Economic Localization (with local grange)

Mendocino Ecologic Learning Center (Willits)

Preliminary outline; new editions will contain specific contacts, events and

Several are currently listed at (Postcarbon
Institute) And 743-1287 where many links are


Humboldt Economic Localization

and another related link

Community Environmental Economic Development in Arcata

Collaborated with other organizations Economies (,

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (,

Northeast Organic Farming Association (,

Orion Society (,

Marion Institute (, Vermont Commons

National Community Land Trust Network (

Community Economics in action (New England)
EF Schumacher Society
An introduction to the Green Web and to Left Biocentrism
Campaign for a (Green) Political Ecology:
Interesting Link to a Green blog
Berkshire Eagle ( Economics for People, Thinking Small

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