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The SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS INSTITUTE (SBI) is the premier catalyst for the business community and public to take the lead in implementing equitable worldwide sustainability practices.

To benefit the public through outreach initiatives that encourage business leaders to identify, create, implement and communicate economically viable sustainability practices.

How does SBI accomplish its mission?
SBI educates business leaders and the public through a variety of programs including the CEO Forum on Sustainable Business and the Seal of Sustainability.
CEO Forum on Sustainable Business
Since its founding in 1994, the SBI has convened five CEO Forums on Sustainable Business. This year’s Sixth Annual CEO Forum on Sustainable Business will further augment the ability of SBI to conduct its educational outreach on an increasingly global scale.
Seal of Sustainability
Another vehicle to promote sustainable business practices is the Seal of Sustainability (the “Seal”). The Seal recognizes businesses that are committed to sustainable business practices economically, environmentally, and socially. The Seal also serves as a powerful tool for the public. When individuals choose to do business with a recipient company over a non-recipient company, it signals that they value socially and environmentally responsible corporate practices and support businesses that value the same.

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