Ordinary Citizen: Awareness Leads to Action

I became aware of global warming several years ago but did nothing because I did not know what to do. Then I heard of the light bulbs, using less water while showering, buying a water bottle to reuse instead of buying bottled water, etc. The list now goes on.

Then last year I began to realize the AZ Daily Star was printing more and more articles re global warming, so to remember what was being said I started clipping the articles and saving them to reread. This was when I became convinced that this was real and we were headed for a great deal of trouble. I have since written the Star and have had several of my opinions published.

Then I started to write and call and e-mail my Senators and Representatives.
Then I started to go to Sustainable Tucson meetings (took a break over the summer).

Now I am ready for action! I am willing to sit in on the City Council meetings even though I am not eligible to vote within the City.

As for some of my friends: too busy with their lives, have other passions such as Lost Boys, foster parents, inertia, etc.

So it is a process one goes through after one becomes aware and finally wakes up to the full implications of what is ahead if we do not change our ways.

Jo Behrman

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