Tucson Innovative Home Tour & Tucson Solar Tour

You are invited to join us for the
Tucson Innovative Home Tour and Tucson Solar Tour

Next Generation Home Course
will also be Saturday, November 3.

New Ways for Better Living in the Desert

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New Ways for Better Living in the Desert

Coming soon is your once-a-year chance to see exceptional examples of the latest innovations in home design and construction, and talk with architects, engineers, builders and homeowners about what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you would like to improve your current home, look for a new one, or design and build your dream home, this is your best opportunity to get great new ideas and good practical unbiased information and advise for having a much better home with much lower costs.

The sheer variety and range of new ideas and products on this year’s tour is amazing. There are many things to interest everyone, including the most advanced and finest homes in southwest!

The Tucson Innovative Home Tour is a non-profit, non-commercial community sharing event to help people learn good new ways to have much better homes and substantially reduce the costs of home ownership.

Tucson’s largest annual community event of its kind is also one of the largest events of its kind in the nation.

This year there are fascinating new homes and these events have been expanded and improved in many new ways to make them more informative, useful and fun for you.

More information follows and lots more can be found on our website, www.solarinstitute.org.

If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to call or e-mail. We’re always glad to hear from you.

Please be sure to mark your calendar and pass the word to your friends, family and colleagues too. Also, would you please give some thought to other people you know who would be interested and forward this to them too?

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you.

Paul Huddy
Solar Institute

Summary Information

Saturday November 3

Tucson Innovative Home Tour & Tucson Solar Tour – New advances for better homes and better living, with an emphasis on fitting in with the natural environment. Choose among over 15 exceptional, award-winning and nationally recognized homes, speak with owners, designers and builders, and discover new ways to make your home much better and cost a lot less in this special non-profit, non-commercial community sharing of the latest advances, sponsored by dozens of nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and government jurisdictions.

Plus the Next Generation Home Course – “How to have a much better home at much lower cost.” Tucson’s officially recognized Next Generation Home Program presents the best unbiased, non-commercial information, advice and ideas from local experts for improving your home, remodeling, building and buying – plus an analysis of the real costs of home ownership and how you can reduce them by up to 50% and more.

When. Saturday, November 3. The course is 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. with registration starting 8:00 a.m. The tour is 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with tickets available 10:00 a.m. – noon.

The course is $10 individual or family – bring a friend for $5. The tour is also $10 individual or family – bring a friend for $5. Take both course and tour for $15. Cash only – please help by bringing exact amount.

Where. Take the course and get your home tour tickets at Pima Community College’s Campus Center Auditorium (CC 180), 1255 N. Stone Ave., just north of Speedway. Lots of free parking. Just go in the main entrance.

For more information, see the web site at www.solarinstitute.org or call 792-6579.

In support of these and events elsewhere in Arizona, Governor Janet Napolitano proclaimed October to be “Arizona Solar, Renewable Energy and Sustainability Month.” You can see it at www.solarinstitute.org.

A community sharing of new and better ways to be at home in the desert

New advances for better homes and better living are the focus of the Tucson Innovative Home Tour 2007, coming Saturday November 3. Included are a number of highly acclaimed, award-winning homes that are among the most advanced in the nation.

This nonprofit, noncommercial community sharing event provides a chance to learn about such advances directly from other homeowners, as well as architects, engineers, builders and other experts involved in these homes. The owners of over 15 innovative homes and buildings will open their doors to those looking for ways to improve their homes and lifestyles.

In keeping with the theme, “Real homes for real people,” the emphasis is on practicality and cost savings. Advances being made in Tucson in sustainable design and construction are attracting professionals from around the world. Now we all have a chance to see and learn from them.

The tour includes exceptional examples of passive solar and environmental design, solar energy, energy and water efficiency, lifetime design and accessibility, healthy home measures, and natural indoor and outdoor environments. New building alternatives include straw bale, rammed earth, adobe, integrated concrete forms (ICFs), structurally insulated panels (SIPs) and many other ways of using high insulation and thermal mass for extraordinary indoor comfort and savings. Again this year, we have some new building systems that are among the first of their kind ever built in Tucson!

Homeowner economics is a major focus of these events. Participants will have an opportunity to learn what the real costs of home ownership look like over the long term and how they can save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On this year’s tour, you will see …
* New advances for designing and building homes for living better, more comfortably, more affordably and more in harmony with the natural environment.
* Lots of good practical and cost-effective passive solar and environmental design and technology.
* A wide variety of advances in heating and cooling and other ways to be more comfortable.
* Many kinds of adobe, rammed earth, straw bale, masonry, ICFs, SIPs, steel frame, insulation, thermal mass and other advances in building materials.
* A wide range of healthy home, non-toxic materials, low-VOCs and indoor air quality measures.
* How to incorporate lifetime design, accessibility and visitability at very little added cost.
* Many ways to save energy, water and other resources, and cut utility bills by 75% and more.
* Many other ideas for home and garden, with an emphasis on practicality and cost effectiveness.

For lots more information, including descriptions and photos of the homes, see the web site at www.solarinstitute.org.

The Tucson Innovative Home Tour is a non-profit, non-commercial, community sharing event to give people an opportunity to about new advances for better homes and better living in harmony with nature. Among the benefits of such homes are substantial increases in comfort, health, performance, practicality, durability, ease of maintenance and long-term cost savings.

This is a public service by a community partnership of non-profit organizations, including the American Institute of Architects, Association of Energy Engineers, Tucson Homeowners Alliance, Tucson Solar Alliance, Neighborhood Coalition of Greater Tucson, Tucson Commission on Disability Issues, Pima Community College, University of Arizona, City of Tucson, Pima County, Arizona Solar Energy Association, State of Arizona, American Solar Energy Society and U.S. Department of Energy.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please get in touch with us through any of the following ways: mail Tucson Innovative Home Tour, P.O. Box 57756, Tucson, AZ 85732. Phone (520) 881-4772. e-mail tour@solarinstitute.org. See the web site at www.solarinstitute.org

Many thanks to our community partners and supporters, and the many others who contribute to organizing this event, especially to the wonderful people willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Please help pass the word and forward this to others – thank you!

Architecture Week at the Library – Growing Beyond Green

Learn more about the role of architects in creating a sustainable and livable environment during the American Institute of Architects, Southern Arizona Chapter’s Architecture Week, Saturday, October 13 to Sunday, October 21.
A series of panel discussions with AIA architects at several branch libraries will highlight the environmental systems that can be integrated into homes to help mitigate our impact on the Earth. Learn about responsible desert architecture, how to make the most of a small house, and how buildings and water interact.
For information about other Architecture Week events, such as the home tour and exhibits in local malls, please visit the Southern Arizona AIC.

Pima County Free Car Care Check-Up



For Immediate Release                                                                    

Contact:  Beth Gorman (520) 740-3343                                                                                                                   

Fall National Car Care Month Celebrated Locally 

Tucson, Arizona (October 2, 2007) – In celebration of the Fall National Car Care Month, the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Air Program is holding a Free Car Care Check-up at Pima Community College Downtown Campus west parking lot (near Speedway and Stone) on Saturday, October 13th. The Automotive Service Association is co-sponsoring the event along with Pima Community College, and volunteers from local automotive repair shops and other agencies will provide the check-ups. The purpose of the event is to encourage good car maintenance for a healthier environment. Qualified volunteers will perform safety, under-the-hood, tire, and emissions checks on vehicles from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The checks include hoses, belts, fluids, lubricants, tire pressure and tread depth, exterior lights and general safety inspections. 

In addition, the Tucson/Pima County Household Hazardous Waste Program will provide a free collection of unwanted household hazardous waste such as pool chemicals, pesticides, automotive fluids, paints, and solvents. 

Volunteers from the Automotive Service Association, Pima Community College Automotive Program, Jack Furrier’s Western Tire Centers, and others will staff the under-the-hood, tires, emission testing, gas cap, and safety stations. Similar evaluations could cost about $60 if done by an auto repair shop. Participants in the Car Care Check-up will receive a free status check-sheet of many items on their vehicle to use for preventive maintenance, and will have a chance to win a free set of tires from Jack Furriers Western Tire. The Car Care Check-up will be held in the west parking lot at Pima Community College Downtown Campus, entering at Speedway and 11th  Avenue, west of Stone Avenue. For more information please contact the PDEQ Clean Air Program at 740-3118 or visit www.deq.pima.gov.