ST Economy Affinity Group Meeting

The Economy Affinity Group is planning to meet Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 1 PM at Ike’s on
Speedway. This
coffee shop is on the South side of the Street between Country Club and Dodge.

This is our first meeting so if you have ideas about the Green Economy it is a
good time to
get them on the table. We know for sure we will be talking about a directory
and other ideas
affecting green businesses. We have a charter to work on re-localization, but
no group
member committed to that at this time, so that may become our second project.

If you have ideas and are not able to attend the meeting, reply to this post, or
sign up for the
affinity group’s Group and post there.

One comment on “ST Economy Affinity Group Meeting

  1. “Sign up for the affinity group’s Group and post there” how? I did send an email to info@ and it bounced. The Yahoo Groups appears to be global for ST. I would like to participate with the Economy group. Please post instructions.

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