Bored or Anxious? Hungry for Fresh Journalism?

Are you bored or anxious that much vital news is not being presented and discussed in the broadcast and print media? Here are four recent video reports on two of the most important topics of our current times: The future of oil and the future of the American dollar. These YouTube programs from the People & Power Project present Max Keiser combining whimsy and dead serious interviews about things we all need to know. Our Udall family’s Randy Udall speaks on the implications of oil depletion. Enjoy.

Click on the titles below to watch the reports:

“Peaked” Part 1

“Peaked” Part 2

“Death of the Dollar” Part 1

“Death of the Dollar “Part 2

Sustainable Tucson member Tom Greco reported on his blog January 11th about an analysis of the U.S. dollar by Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under the Reagan Administration. Former Asst. Sec. Roberts is interviewed on the “Death of the Dollar” video reports above. Writes Tom, “His article on the [impending crisis] is both insightful and, in my opinion, accurate. No one can dismiss his statements as being the ranting of a liberal Democratic partisan. He sees clearly the dire situation faced by Americans as we see the limits being reached in the ability of our federal government to finance its debt. … I urge you to read it in its entirety.”

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