Dialogue on Climate Change and Justice

Critical dialogue on climate change and climate justice:
Wednesday, Feb 27th, 7pm, at the AME auditorium (northeast corner of Mountain and Speedway)

Interested in learning about why carbon trading is a false solution to climate change? Want to know how activists are fighting global warming and working towards true climate justice? Wish that you could hear all this stuff presented in an engaging, understandable way? Then join us for an evening of critical discussion and education about climate change and carbon trading.

The evening will begin with a presentation from members of Rising Tide North America about their work fighting the root causes of climate change. Rising Tide is a group of grassroots activists dedicated to promoting climate justice and stopping climate change in its tracks with a unique blend of popular education and coordinated direct action. They’re known for their excellent cross-country speaking tours as well as organizing direct action campaigns against collaborators of climate change, and have most recently been working to stop Bank of America’s funding of new coal plants in the Southeast. For more information on their work, go to www.risingtidenorth america.org.

Our keynote speaker is carbon trading critic Larry Lohmann, member of the Durban Group for Climate Justice and author of “Carbon Trading: A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatization, and Power”. The author of several other books and a regular contributor to science- and climate-focused academic journals, Lohmann will outline how carbon trading slows the social and technological change needed to cope with global warming by unnecessarily prolonging the world’s dependence on oil, coal and gas. Specifically, his talk will focus on the contradictions of emissions trading and offset trading, why failed approaches are so popular among the world’s elites, and what the U.S. can now learn from the rest of the world. To learn more about Lohmann’s new book and the Durban Group for Climate Justice, go to www.carbontradewatc h.org/durban/.

The AME auditorium is located on the northeast corner of Mountain and Speedway. Parking is available in the Zone 1 parking lot to the east of the auditorium. For more information about this event, please contact rtna_event@yahoo. com.

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