Economy Group Meeting

Wednesday February 20, 2008
6:30 to 8:30
Lotus Massage & Wellness Center
2850 E. Grant (see below for directions)

We are dedicating the next meetings to exploring and learning about existing programs & organizations to look at approaches that might inform one (or more) projects for the Economy Group.

Each of us is asked to look at one program/project/research/model/organization (in most cases, looking at its website), and give a 5- to (at most) 10-minute presentation to the group, focusing on aspects that could be applied to work here in Tucson.

If possible, it would be helpful to prepare a page of concise bulleted information (highlighting what seems most salient, useful, relevant) and bring copies to share.

Some of the kinds of programs mentioned have been Co-op America, BALLE, LocalFirst Arizona… If you want to stake a claim to a particular topic, please e-mail the group.

And, if you are not yet on the ST-Economy yahoo list, please join — for ease of communicating with each other, and referencing notes from previous meetings. Visit the ST-Economy yahoo group here:

Lotus Massage and Wellness Center is on the south side of Grant, between Country Club and Tucson Blvd.
You’ll be looking for a classic little 1930 adobe set back from the street.
Visit the Lotus Center website if you’d like a map and directions or info about the best bike and bus routes.

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