Energy Roundtable: Excellent discussion by top U.S. analysts

Listen to one of the best discussions of our current energy challenges (one hour) by three of the leading U.S. energy analysts, recorded on Februrary 2, 2008. Choose by clicking one of the following audio formats:  (Mp3 plays on Apple’s Quicktime)

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Robert L. Hirsch is a Senior Energy Advisor with MISI and consultant best known for his Department of Energy report on mitigating the risks of oil depletion and energy shortages.

Matthew R. Simmons, founder of one of the world’s largest energy investment banks, is an expert on oil supply issues, author of a groundbreaking study of Saudi oil, and one of the most often quoted analysts on oil depletion including a recent speech by Bill Clinton.

Jeffery G. Rubin, Chief Economist for CIBC World Markets, is one of the leading macro-economists who has grasped the importance of analyzing resource depletion, mitigating resource shortages, investing in sensible solutions, and fairly taxing carbon.

These analysts have been advising both Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates.

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