Relocalization Meeting

Sunday, February 10th, 2008
Campaign For Our Lives meeting
3-4:30 pm
1929 N. Forgeus Avenue, Tucson (near Elm and Tucson)

Campaign For Our Lives , a project of Natural Systems Solutions, is affiliated with Post Carbon Institute’s relocalization network , and is a Sustainable Tucson affinity group. Our mission is to address the underlying and connected issues that are currently threatening our planet and create responses that are aligned with Earth’s answers. CFOL is a place for people eager to work on building “lifeboats” to a sustainable future according to the principles of natural systems–building relationships of mutual support for reconnecting our lifestyles and relocalizing our social infrastructure.

Among other things, we will:
* rediscover how to be in “right relationship” with our inner selves,
others, and the rest of the natural world
* discover how responses that transcend the personal are healthier and
have a greater impact because they are more fulfilling
* inspire others to share this process as our growing numbers impact local
government and other forces that shape our lives locally.

For more info call (520) 887-2502 or see

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