Mat Bevel: “Ring of Trees” Installation

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Museum of Kinetic Art

This sunday is the day of the “Ring of Trees” installation at the Living Ring Tree Lab
here at the Mat Bevel Institute. As you know, Tucson is the home of ring tree
research and we’re going to show you why.

This Sunday, March 9th, from 11am until 2pm we will be building trees. We are
looking for volunteers and gawkers. This is art in action. If you want to see culture
that is alive, (why do think they call it a culture?) then come on down. The Mat Bevel
Institute’s Museum of Kinetic Art, the School of Intuition, the Galaxy of Fine Art, the
Surrealistic Pop Science Theater, the Bevelvision production studios, and the
General Belief System Technology Project research wing of the new Living Ring
Tree Lab will all be open for your viewing pleasure. Thank god they’re all in one location!
All forty eight staff members will be there to greet you and answer any of your questions.
Thank god they all look like the same person so you won’t get confused.

If you want to show up and be important you might want to pack a screw gun, some
7/16ths wrenches, and a socket set. That would be very sexy. If you had your own
extension chord, you would appear upon the reddened surface like an angel on the
clouds of hope with beams of light jutting upwards from behind you.

As mentioned above, our newest addition to the Mat Bevel Institute, the Galaxy of Fine Art,
will be open sunday for the “Ring of Trees” event. The gallery features artwork by Mat Bevel
and Shana M. Zimmerman.

Security by Red Scorpion.

Please pass this on to anyone interested in kinetic art.
Remember…it’s not just the motion…it’s the movement!

may the flywheel of life be with you,
Mat Bevel

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