One comment on “Outdoor movie: “The Planet”

  1. Hello friends and fellow activist,
    I have been showing free videos on most Thursday evenings [weather permitting] for a couple of years. I have shown videos concerning the war, our administration, the 9/11 stories, immigration, and the environment. In the last five months I have been exclusively showing videos concerning global warming and climate change. I guess it is not a concern most people. The number of people attending has been going down. Last week I sent out the usual invitation to several list serves including The shangralee list serve, political activism, Azpeaceworks, Pat Birney’s list, the Sustainable Tucson list serve, a few other organizations and about 40 other people that were not on any of those list. We’re talking about 4 or 5 hundred people. Last week two people came and one of those is already very concerned with the climate crises. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me that this is the most important issue of our lives but I didn’t think that I was misreading my potential audience that much. Several people have asked me to show videos that they are interested in and have offered to bring or give me these videos. I want to thank all of them for their offers but I can’t use my time and resourses showing videos about all the other issues that we would like to know about when this climate crises is all ready happening. All this ranting just to say that I regret that I am canceling the Thursday Night Videos.

    PS: I would like to be wrong in my assessment but I keep on running in to news like this:×3242370

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