Cholla bud harvesting workshop

posted Sunday, April 13, 2008        

April 19 – Cholla Bud Harvest Workshop – Learn how to harvest and prepare flower buds of Staghorn and Buckhorn cholla cactus. This desert gem, about the size of your thumb is packed with nutrition. A third of a cup of buds has more calcium than an 8-ounce glass of milk, more potassium than a banana and 8 grams of fiber. A great “slow” food to counter high blood sugar and diabetes. Its taste is reminiscent of artichoke and asparagus. Paseo Feliz Park, west side of Tucson, Pima Co. Parks & Rec., 9 -12. Taught by ethnobotanist and Baja AZ’s Desert Foods Outreach specialist, Martha Burgess, martha.burgess *at* or (520)742-7270.

This posting is a selection from Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture’s excellent website and calendar.

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