Contribute to the Joint City County Water Study

posted Monday, April 21, 2008        

The City of Tucson and Pima County invite your early input into the recently launched Joint City/County Water and Wastewater Planning Study. They invite you to share your input on how to make the study process open, inclusive and transparent by submitting your suggestions to us in writing or by attending the upcoming meetings. Also let them know your views on water.

ST Core Team member Bob Cook is an alternate member of the Oversight Committee. Contact him for any questions, comments, or suggestions: Bob’s email — unispan (at)

S T members have been actively participating at all previous meetings. This is an important community conversation which could shape how sustainability is incorporated into future community plans and investments.

For all materials related to this committee and public hearing process, go the the Study’s website:

To communicate with the City and County contact:

Nicole Ewing-Gavin, <>


Melaney Seacat, <>

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