Ironwood Ridge High School Earth Awareness Day

posted Thursday, April 3, 2008        

On behalf of Club Green, we would like you to participate in our 2nd Annual Earth Awareness day on April 11th 2008. This will be a day in celebration of and education about Earth Awareness and the environmental problems and solutions that we face everyday.

Last year was our first Earth Awareness and it was a big hit. It was very successful in all aspects; in teaching our community about a green planet and getting students involved. The turn out for this event was amazing along with the support. This event received a lot of publicity from the newspaper and news stations. All of the attention gave our participates a great chance to get their names out last year, and this year it could be your turn.

Club Green is made up of students with a demonstrated interest in environmental issues. We have created Project Green, which includes a geodesic greenhouse, herb gardens, ponds, an amphitheater/outdoor classroom, and many demonstration gardens. The club is student initiated and run, with all projects student designed and all fund raising being student -centered. We meet every week to discuss how we can create an environment friendly campus and inform the public on how to keep our community and world green as well. We also regularly take part in holidays such as Earth Day and Earth Awareness Day to encourage protecting the environment.

As you already know, our environment is in danger and many people are unaware of the consequences of not taking care of our environment. Global warming is a huge atmospheric problem causing many living organisms and their environments to respond unfavorably. The social and economic factors should also to be taken seriously as well. Another result includes increasing extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, heat waves, and stronger hurricanes. This causes damage to communities and families that then in turn cost money to fix. The spread of disease is also increasing (such as West Nile Virus). Climate change is threatening entire cultures, nations, and life forms. People are not prepared for what is heading our way and do not know how to prevent global warming. This is why we are asking you to please join us on Earth Awareness Day to educate everyone. Education is the key to changing people’s attitudes about the environment.

We are inviting everyone to participate in the event. It will happen on Friday April 11th. You may set up a booth and donations are gladly accepted. This is the chance to sell your product as well as inform your customers about the good it will do for the environment. If you have any further questions, please contact Leah Goedecke at 520-797-4715 or Mr. Jim Ewing at 520-407-4143.
Thank you for your time. We hope to see you there.

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