ST Growth Question in AZ Daily Star, addressed by Bill Roe

posted Sunday, April 6, 2008        

on March 14 at the UofA, the Arizona Daily Star sponsored a forum entitled “Tucson Growth: Decision at the Crossroads”, during which panelists discussed the issues raised by growth in the Tucson region.

Sustainable Tucson prepared a comprehensive flyer of critical questions on the topic related to sustainability concerns, and distributed it to attendees. [View and download the flyer here]

From these we also submitted questions to the panel. The AZ Start collected more than 100 questions from participants, of which they are printing and answering a few in each Sunday issue (timeframe for continuance undetermined).

One of Sustainable Tucson’s submitted questions was answered the first week by panelist Bill Roe… read on.

Ecological issues important to growth choices
By Bill Roe – Special to the Arizona Daily Star

Q: In none of the forum presentations was mention
made of climate change and major shifts in ecosystems. How are we to talk
about growth meaningfully, given the uncertainties we face regarding natural

A: This is the heart of the issue! We have land enough, but water is the
limiting factor … READ FULL STORY/RESPONSE

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