National Park(ing) Day

Hello, we are organizing an event called National Park(ing) Day.

Park(ing) Day is an international celebration of open spaces in urban environments.  Originally started by REBAR, a San Francisco-based art collective, this event takes place annually in over 50 cities worldwide but has not yet come to Tucson until this year.  Sponsored by the Trust for Public Land, the purpose of Park(ing) Day is to highlight the importance of creating and preserving open spaces and public parks in growing urban areas.

This year Park(ing) Day will be on Friday, September 19th.  We are currently in the process of organizing several Park(ing) Day activities here in Tucson.  Basically what happens is that groups of interested citizens will take over a metered public parking space(s) for one day.  In these spaces groups can then create their idea of a better use for public space – a temporary “park.”

If you are interested in learning more about Park(ing) Day in Tucson or would like to participate or get involved, please let me know and I can give you more detailed information.  These websites offer additional information as well:

In the event that you are unable to participate personally, we are also in need of donated resources such as potted plants, benches, barricades, printing and fliers, etc.

Please feel free to pass along my contact information to anyone else who might be interested in participating in the first Park(ing) Day in Tucson!

Thank you,

Jody Blaylock
jmblaylock *at*

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