Solar training at Pima College

Pima Community College  is offering two classes this fall on basics of solar PV installations. One is on West Campus,  starts Aug 30 and runs Saturday mornings for 3 hours for 12 weeks  (TEC198TD: Photovoltaic Installation Training.) The other will run in October and November on Saturdays and Sundays for 5 weeks at the East Campus. ( ENV198T1: Beginning Photovoltaic Technology)
You must be a Pima student or enroll to take these classes.
Both are designed to prepare students for the entry level NABCEP Solar Installer certification. Of course they will also be useful for homeowners wanting to understand more about their existing or future PV systems or anyone who wants to know more about solar!!

One comment on “Solar training at Pima College

  1. Note for those who would enroll the PCC PV class (Tec198): Take the course from SEI if you want to prepare for NABCEP testing or to enter the PV-instalation business. The PCC class is a pretty good review course for a home owner seeking to learn PV basics, or for an electrician who wants to bone up on PV in general, you won’t be ready for the NABCEP test, and PCC makes no effort to coordinate a NABCEP testing following the course. You’re on your own there. (Get the NABCEP test prep materials from their website, free.) Also be forwarned that the lab instructor seems dedicated to increasing the PV labor pool and limiting those who would enter the business. He told frustrated students that he worked hard to build his business so he doesn’t want to give away all the practical the tips he’s learned along the way. I can’t say I blame him, as competition is expanding rapidly, but its not great for students if they hope for more than a review course.

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