Sustainable Tucson General Meeting: Food Sustainability Forum

When: Tuesday, August 12, 6:00-8:00 PM

Where: Joel Valdez Main Library, 101 N. Stone Ave, Downstairs conference room

Sustainable Tucson has gathered four local community members to speak and answer questions on issues of local food sustainability and security.

Dan Dorsey (Sonoran Permaculture Guild), Stuart Loew (Agua Linda Farms), Thom Richardson (RichCrest Farms), and Deb Hilbert (Sustainable Cuisine instructor at Pima Community College) will speak on how Tucson can promote a more sustainable food supply, and address these two important questions:

*How do we get people to eat more local food?
*What will we need to do to satisfy this demand?

Their presentations will be followed by a public Q&A, and  the evening will conclude with time for general networking and discussion.

Some examples of what the discussion may hold:

Dan Dorsey: “Multi story edible food forests are exactly what we push in Permaculture. If you look at just about any area aorund the globe that supports trees, this type of traditional food forest is commonly planted where people still grow their own food, especially in the tropics and cool temperate climates. The species vary of course depending on the climate. Here we would have a guild of Mesquite tree overstory, some edible native midstory berry plants like hackberry, along with a few dwarfed fruit trees, and then a garden understory of drought tolerant squash and native chiltipines for example.”

Deb Hilbert: “Bottom line: make the whole process tasty, easy & convenient. Sometimes, it is not whether the products are available, but whether the infrastructure exists to connect food & people.”
Please join us for this exciting and important community discussion!

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