How to Improve Your Neighborhood Watershed: Pollutants and Practices

posted Wednesday, September 17, 2008        

Location: Ha:San School, 1333 E. 10th Street

Interested in improving water quality in your local wash?  At this presentation, experts from the University of Arizona, City of Tucson, Pima County Flood Control, Arizona Master Watershed Stewards, and WMG will present on issues of non-point source pollution as they relate to neighborhood water quality, urban washes, and Best Management Practices (BMPs) for improving stormwater quality.

This presentation will be useful for anyone working to improve watershed conditions in their neighborhood, like reducing flooding and erosion, increasing vegetation, and cleaning and beautifying nearby washes.  It will also provide valuable information for those who would like to participate in WMG’s hands-on stormwater BMP workshops.  We’ll delve more deeply into why rainwater harvesting practices are beneficial, and how they affect water quality as well as quantity.

This event kicks off WMG’s program to improve water quality in Tucson’s Rincon Heights Neighborhood.  The program will involve installing Best Management Practices like bioretention basins, berms, curb cuts, and buffer strips on 10 blocks throughout the neighborhood, via a series of 6-8 public workshops beginning November 2008.

Attendance at this presentation is a prerequisite for attending WMG’s Water Management Practices Workshops on November 9 and December 13.  WMG volunteers are encouraged to attend this presentation that addresses some often-overlooked aspects of rainwater harvesting.

Please RSVP for this event to James MacAdam, phone 396-3266, email: james *at*  For more information on WMG or the Rincon Heights project, visit

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