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Peak oil meets financial meltdown

posted December 24, 2008

(Originally published in Tucson Green Times, November 2008) By Bob Cook How bad can it get? While the recent fourth annual Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) conference held in Sacramento was not planned to include the current global financial meltdown on the agenda. it did heighten the enormous sense of risks we […]

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First, economic recovery; then, how to sustain it?

posted December 23, 2008

By Paul Krugman Published in Arizona Daily Star, December 23, 2008 America. Whatever the new administration does, we’re in for months, perhaps even a year, of economic hell. After that, things should get better, as President Obama’s stimulus plan – OK, I’m told that the politically correct term is now “economic recovery plan” – begins […]

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Avoid a Wrong Turn in Arizona…Oppose the proposed I-10 Bypass!

posted December 18, 2008

Avoid a Wrong Turn in Arizona…Oppose the proposed I-10 Bypass! Meeting Time and Location: 9:45 a.m., Friday, December 19, 2008 City of Tucson Council Chambers 255 W. Alameda Dear Arizona Wildlife Supporter, The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is proposing a new bypass around Tucson that would have devastating consequences for Arizona wildlife — and […]

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Recruiting Kids ages 12-14 for Jan 09 “Get Outside! Eco-Program” – Info. Meeting

posted December 11, 2008

Get Outside! with Ironwood Tree Experience RECRUITING KIDS AGES 12-14 for the JANUARY 2009 GET OUTSIDE! ECO- PROGRAM ~Inspirational eco-experiences activate kids’ body, mind, and spirit~ ~kids hike, camp, explore nature, & learn primitive skills~ ~Kids experience unique day trips to inspirational natural areas throughout the Tucson Basin~ Tucson Mountains – Santa Rita Mountains […]

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Too late? Why scientists say we should expect the worst

posted December 9, 2008

By David Adam, published by The Guardian (UK), December 9, 2008 As ministers and officials gather in Poznan one year ahead of the Copenhagen summit on global warming, the second part of a major series looks at the crucial issue of targets At a high-level academic conference on global warming at Exeter University this summer, […]

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Memo to the President-elect on Energy Realism and the Green New Deal

posted December 6, 2008

by Richard Heinberg December 4, 2008 Executive Summary Our continued national dependence on fossil fuels is creating a crippling vulnerability to both long-term fuel scarcity and catastrophic climate change. The current economic crisis requires substantial national policy shifts and enormous new government injections of capital into the economy. This provides an opportunity for a project […]

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What to do about Detroit: A sustainable transportation solution

posted December 4, 2008

An important message by an average citizen from Michigan Friends, I drive an American car. It’s a Chrysler. That’s not an endorsement. It’s more like a cry for pity. And now for a decades-old story, retold ad infinitum by tens of millions of Americans, a third of whom have had to desert their country to […]

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Right-of-Way Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

posted December 2, 2008

Watershed Management Group ( is hosting a workshop in the Rincon Heights neighborhood (near 6th St./Campbell Ave.). As part of WMG’s and Rincon Heights’ model program to improve water quality in urban neighborhoods, we’ll be shaping basins and swales, laying rockwork and gravel, and planting native vegetation. This workshop will be of particular interest to […]

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