Volunteers needed to help remove buffelgrass Feb 7th

For immediate release
Contact: Dennis Dickerson, (520) 792-1093
Volunteers needed to help remove buffelgrass
from parks, public land across the region on Feb. 7

Beat Back Buffelgrass Day is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 7. The second annual volunteer
event, coordinated by Pima Association of Governments, will be held across the region. Last
year, over 200 volunteers removed more than 4,000 buffelgrass plants in just a few hours.

“Volunteer efforts throughout the past year made a real difference, and a few areas that
were choked with buffelgrass are now clear,” said Dennis Dickerson, PAG’s Environmental
Planning Coordinator. “Despite that progress, the extent of buffelgrass will require
continued effort.”

PAG established Beat Back Buffelgrass Day to raise awareness of the threat of buffelgrass and
to remove as much buffelgrass as possible on a single day.

Individuals and groups wishing to participate may volunteer by logging onto
www.PAGnet.org or www.Buffelgrass.org and selecting a location where organized
buffelgrass removal efforts will occur.

Listed as a noxious weed in Arizona, buffelgrass poses a serious threat to the ecology of the
Sonoran desert. When dry, buffelgrass burns readily and at a temperature exceeding 1,000
degrees Fahrenheit. As buffelgrass colonizes more areas, the threat of fire increases. The
Sonoran desert environment is not adapted to fire, and buffelgrass fires will destroy native
desert species.

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