JANUARY General meeting — Organizing Questions:

How do we encourage water harvesting?

How can we help people use less water?

What can Tucson do to save the 12″ rainwater for Tucson to use?

Is it feasible to collect more rainwater runoff on a large scale during monsoon?

How will Tucson provide water to a population that exceeds its resources (i.e. CAP) when extended drought occurs?

How can the Tucson regious continue to grow its economy within our existing water resource constraints – supply, climate change, utilization of alternate resources, i.e. effluent?

What happens when the water runs out? The economic base of Tucson & P.C. is expressed as “growth”. Given that that is not sustainable, what are the viable alternatives for the Tucson economic base?

How do we clean our collective environments to eliminate toxic wastes both internally and externally in order to produce individual and collective health?

Water collecting. Gardens. Fewer roads and parking lots.

Group Discussion:

How do we tie land use to water use?

Individual action to conserve

Water Harvesting Practitioner

What happens when the water runs out?

How do we prevent the water from running out?

How can we save the 12″ rainfall for Tucson?

Use rainfall more productively? How?

Best use of rain off roadways?

Limit growth – don’t have conservation then allow more people in Tucson?

How to tie energy for pumping water to water use?

What is the best use of water – the best quality water goes to pecans, agriculture and mines, not people

How to promote xeroscape for H2O conservations?

Let’s capture monsoon water!

What is Government doing to let us know of water shortage?

Education of all water aspects.

How to get truthful assessment of water capacity in relation to population numbers?

To bring us to water sustainability:

Revise water law to reflect water capacity and scientific reality.
Water rates to motivate conservation
Recirculating hot water (tankless)
Capture rain run off in washes, etc. man made lakes
Berms at top of watershed
Pressure plate dams
Reuse grey water
Get more people to do grey water
Address legal issues

Promote composting toilets
Steep water connection fees for new construction
Reuse flushing water from city mains
Public education on advantages of roof water catchment
Change law about runoff once it enters rivers

Priority Issues

1) Education – sources, uses, collection, recycling, personal responsibility
2) Water Law
3) Rainwater Collection (Harvesting)
4) Special Interests’ uses of groundwater vs. CAP

Marisa Duarte (Marisa Duarte <marisa_duarte24@yahoo.com>) writes:

Good Day we are a team of 8th graders from Utterback Middle School in Tucson Arizona.
The purpose of this Email is to collect the most current information on water conservation. we are creating a service project for either school, home or community.
we invite any water conservation person from your team to presnt to our class.
please contact me back with anything i just asked.

FEBRUARY General meeting — Who else needs to be involved/invited?

Who should we bring into the discussion?
1. Schools —Teach the Child
2. Home Owners Associations: incorporate water use efficiency in by-laws
3. Developers – What changes be incorporated into new developments? Incentives or mandates?

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