There are 3 sections, each with a few questions. Compile or summarize your groups answers either in paragraphs, or as lists, whatever you feel is clearest.
The Present:
1. How is your topic area (Food, Transportation, etc.) operating today?

2. What currently exists that contributes to or is working toward long-term sustainability in this area?
(businesses, organizations, practices, regulations, incentives, etc.)

3. What current practices, etc., are at-odds with respect to long-term sustainability in this area

The Vision: (The preferred state where Tucson becomes sustainable.)

1. What is the overall benefit in becoming sustainable in your topic area?

2. What activities, businesses, and/or practices** don’t exist today in this area that can lead Tucson towards greater sustainability?

(**regulations, incentives, collaborations, policies, functions, etc.)

Practical Steps: ( What are the next actions toward the above goals that our working group on [Food, Transportation, etc.] can take towards the creation of a comprehensive sustainability plan for Tucson:

1. Identify the organizations, businesses, etc. who are engaged in current sustainability practices.

2. Identify the organizations, businesses, etc. who are engaged in practices that are not considered to be sustainable for our Tucson community.

3. Identify realistic projects and activities that our group on (Food, Transportation, etc.) would like to spearhead during the next few years.

4. How do these group projects and activities address the core problems Tucson is facing at present in terms of such sustainability areas as fossil fuel use, resource depletion, green jobs, and quality of life?

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