The Crash Course – The unsustainability primer

The Crash Course seeks to provide a baseline understanding of the economy so that everyone can better appreciate the risks that we all face. Created by Chris Martenson, PhD scientist and MBA professional, this set of video tutorials and related articles present a clear, accessible explanation of the complex factors which are converging to create the sustainability crisis we have now already entered. The 20-part set of videos are viewable at his website here.

The following is the list of titles:

Chapter 1: Three Beliefs (Time: 1:46)
Chapter 2: The Three “E”s (Time: 1:38)
Chapter 3: Exponential Growth (Time: 6:20)
Chapter 4: Compounding is the Problem (Time: 3:06)
Chapter 5: Growth vs. Prosperity (Time: 3:40)
Chapter 6: What is Money? (Time: 5:55)
Chapter 7: Money Creation (Time: 4:19)
Chapter 8: The Fed – Money Creation (Time: 7:13)
Chapter 9: A Brief History of US Money (Time: 7:14)
Chapter 10: Inflation (Time: 11:48)
Chapter 11: How Much Is A Trillion? (Time: 3:28)
Chapter 12: Debt (Time: 12:32)
Chapter 13: A National Failure To Save (Time: 12:06)
Chapter 14: Assets & Demographics (Time: 13:41)
Chapter 15: Bubbles (Time: 14:10)
Chapter 16: Fuzzy Numbers (Time: 15:52)
Chapter 17: PART A: Peak Oil (Time: 17:52)
Chapter 17: PART B: Energy Budgeting (Time: 12:15)
Chapter 17: PART C: Energy And The Economy (Time: 7:05)
Chapter 18: Environmental Data (Time: 16:22)
Chapter 19: Future Shock (Time: 8:02)
Chapter 20: What Should I Do? (Time: 19:48)

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