“Neighborhood Water Harvesting Workshop”

Time: Saturday, March 14, 12-5pm
Location: Rincon Heights Neighborhood (6th street & Campbell Ave. area)
Watershed Management Group (WMG) is hosting a free, public workshop in Rincon Heights neighborhood on Saturday, March 14.

At this workshop, we’ll use simple techniques to repair a badly eroding dirt & gravel driveway, sending runoff instead to a system of water-harvesting basins and infiltration trenches that will feed native trees and shrubs.

Attend this free, fun, hands-on workshop if you’d like to learn how to:
-Improve your dirt driveway or road to stop erosion and reduce maintenance needs
-Infiltrate large amounts of stormwater runoff safely into small places
-Turn the “problem” of too much stormwater runoff into a “solution” that feeds a self-sustaining native landscape
-Reduce flooding and improve water quality
-Learn regulations and tips for working in the City of Tucson’s public right-of-way
There is space for 15 people at this free, public workshop. To reserve your spot, please RSVP to James MacAdam, phone 780-9416, email: james@watershedmg.org.

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