Film Night: “City Repair” & “What a Way to Go”

Lee Stanley presents:

Thursday, May 21, 7:30 pm

1327 N. 4th Avenue

At 7:30, May 21st I will show a fifteen minute short called : City Repair.
City Repair is the story of a quintessential grassroots startup in
Portland, OR who transform space into place.

After that I will show ‘What a way to Go.,,Life after the end of
Empire, a 2007 documentary film about the current situation facing
humanity and the world. It discusses issues such as peak oil , climate
change , population overshoot and species extinction , as well as how
this situation has developed. We can have a discussion afterward on both

My theater is set up in a nice space off of my back yard. To get there
come through the driveway at 1327 n. 4th Ave. and follow the ground
lights to the back, back yard. Snacks and drinks of any kind are

Lee Stanley

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