ST August Gen. Mtg: “The Global Financial Meltdown: Its Causes, and Opportunities for Localized Restructuring”

What: Sustainable Tucson August General Meeting
When: Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 5:45pm- 8:00pm
Where: Joel D. Valdez Main Library Downtown, 101 N. Stone Ave (free lower level parking off Alameda St.)

Sustainable Tucson is pleased to present a Special General Meeting featuring one of ST’s original founders. Thomas H. Greco, Jr. will give an illustrated presentation”The Global Financial Meltdown: Its Causes, and Opportunities for Localized Restructuring.” Note that this special meeting is on the second Wednesday of August.

This is a “must be there” event as we in Tucson look to more effectively shape and manage our own local economy.

The global financial crisis is no accident. It is the natural outcome of a flawed system that has long been building to a climax. Thomas Greco explains how and why conventional money and banking malfunction, describes the comprehensive metamorphic change that civilization is presently experiencing, and outlines voluntary alternative approaches to exchange and finance that empower communities and reward people fairly.

Thomas is a community and monetary economist, writer, networker, and consultant, who for three decades has been working at the leading edge of transformational restructuring. He is regarded as a leading expert in monetary theory and history, credit clearing systems, community economic development, and complementary currencies. A former college professor, he is currently Director of the Community Information Resource Center, a U.S. non-profit networking hub, which provides information access and administrative support for efforts in community improvement, social justice, and sustainability.

His latest book, “The End of Money and the Future of Civilization”, considers the money problem within the broad historical and political context that has made the control of money and banking the primary mechanism for concentrating power and wealth and the nullification of democratic governance. It provides the necessary understanding for entrepreneurs, activists, and civic leaders to implement approaches toward monetary liberation, approaches that empower communities to restore their environments and democratic institutions, and begin to build economies that are sustainable, equitable, and insulated from the financial crises that plague the dominant systems of money, banking and finance.

Since this release of what will likely be considered his most important book to date, our Sustainable Tucson colleague is now speaking directly to communities about both the present economic challenges and emerging opportunities for effective local solutions.

What colleagues say about Thomas Greco’s new book:

“This book cuts to the core of the [global financial] trouble–and points toward several pathways that might allow us to slowly climb out of the pit into which we’ve stumbled.”

— Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy

“If anything could save this civilization from the calamity to which its economic madness has led it–the unrelenting pursuit of materialism, the starkly inequitable division of wealth, the despoliation of the earth for profit–it would be widespread adoption of the wisdom embodied in Tom Greco’s clear and forthright new book.”

–Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Human Scale

“For the growing ranks of monetary reformers worldwide, long-time expert Tom Greco’s deeply researched new book is essential reading. This gripping blend of theory and practicality lays out all the options for creating saner money and credit systems.”

–Hazel Henderson, Author of Ethical Markets and

President of Ethical Markets Media (USA/Brazil)

To read his latest articles on AlterNet go here:


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