Coming: New film ‘In Transition’

These are the emerging plans for the release of the Transition Movement’s first major film, “In Transition.”  Some of you watched an online screening of the unfinished version June 12-14th.

Stage 2. Indie Screenings.

We’re planning then to make the film available via the Age of Stupid’s Indie Screenings website (although this is still being finalised).  The idea is that people will be able to buy the film via the website, on a sliding scale, depending on whether they are individuals, businesses, groups organising community screenings and so on.  Our hope would be that as many Transition initiatives as possible will get copies via. Indie Screenings and organise a screening on Wednesday 9th September… be great to have a simultaneous premiere across the world (more details to follow).

Stage 3. Pay What You Wish

From November 1st 2009, the film will then be made available as a download on a Pay What Its Worth To You basis, like ‘In Rainbows’ by top pop combo Radiohead.

Stage 4. Limited Edition DVD Release

Then, on December 1st 2009, we will be releasing a beautifully packaged limited edition 2 disc DVD of the film containing loads of extras, out-takes, some of those clips on YouTube that people like but don’t have good quality versions of, talks, and assorted other Transition film stuff, comprising a real Transition activists resource.  It will be to be such a wonderful artifact that you will pass it on to your great-grandchildren (although heaven knows what they will be able to play it on by then…).

Stage 5.  Shown on Mainstream TV Around the World

Well, maybe.  I think we are getting a bit carried away now…

Stage 6.  Essential Viewing for Every MP

It will be screened every day in the Houses of Parliament (UK version of  Congress), and standing for re-election will depend on a 20 question exam about the contents of the film (now we really are getting a bit silly, but who knows…)

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