General Meeting

This special meeting will focus on efforts being made at the city and county level to move our region toward sustainability. We will hear from Tedra Fox, Pima County Sustainability Manager, and David Schaller, Administrator of Tucson’s Office of Conservation and Sustainable Development. This is sure to be a timely and informative discussion. Please come with lots of questions for our guests.

Preface from our ST Co-Coordinators Linda Ellinor & Vera Lander:

“Direct engagement with the wider community is the next step for us to take.  The question we are asking ourselves is “how do we engage the right people in the right positions to make things happen in Tucson and Pima County?” We need to find the right forums for allowing our voices to be heard. Ultimately, Sustainable Tucson must develop its own ideas about how resilience in our region can be implemented. Then we will have to spend time working with our public servants so that we can move in these directions together.”

Our General Meeting this month will begin that process through discussions with the two leaders of our local governments’ sustainability efforts. Please come to that meeting ready to take part in the discussion.

We believe that we are beginning to identify the issues that will be most critical to our region’s future. Our active working groups are beginning to develop some exciting initiatives (especially in the areas of food, water, and planning for sustainability) that we believe will become critical resources for the region.

Our General Meetings will become a primary vehicle for involving our membership and the wider community in the discovery and development of the best ways to put those resources to good use.

We should never forget one of Margaret Mead’s most important insights: “a small group of thoughtful people could change the world… Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”





Sponsored by The Drachman Institute, Friends of Tucson‚s Birthplace, and the Office of Ethnohistorical Research at the Arizona State Museum

Honorary Chair: Cele Peterson


This forum will explain the cultural and historical significance of the Mission Garden site with its 4,000ˆyear history of agriculture.  In addition, it will focus on developing creative ideas for funding and for an efficient and sustainable operation and management plan for the garden.

Welcome and Introductions (9:05-9:15 a.m.)

·        Bill DuPont, Friends of Tucson‚s Birthplace

·        Vice-Mayor Regina Romero

·        Linda Mayro, Cultural Resources Manager, Pima County

Session I.  Why Green Up the Garden? (9:15-10:15)

Moderator:  Gayle Hartmann, Friends of Tucson‚s Birthplace, formerly with the Arizona State Museum

·        Prehistoric and Historic Use of the Area: Jonathan Mabry, City of Tucson

·        What Kino Found and What Kino Brought: Diana Hadley, Arizona State Museum

·        Kino Heritage Fruit Trees Project: Jesus Garcia, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

·        Garden Plans: David Wald-Hopkins, BWS Architects

Session II.  Addressing Operation Needs (10:30-11:30)

Moderator: Peg Weber, City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Dept.

This panel will address:  Five Major Problems that Need to be Resolved When Planning a Garden

·        Michelle Conklin, Tucson Botanical Garden

·        Suzanne Nelson, Native Seed/SEARCH

·        Beth DeWitt, Arizona State Museum

·        Bill Worthey, San Xavier Cooperative Association

Session III. Addressing Funding and Management (11:30-12:30)

Moderator: John Jones, planning consultant

·        Brooks Jeffries, Drachman Institute

·        Michelle Conklin, Tucson Botanical Garden

·        Paul Green, Tucson Audubon Society

·        Gene Zonge, Community Gardens of Tucson

Concluding Remarks (12:30-12:50)

·        Jessie Sanders, City of Tucson

·        Councilmember Steve Leal, City of Tucson


We gratefully acknowledge Fry‚s Food Stores for providing refreshments.

Lords of Nature film screening

What: Lords of Nature film screening
When: September 2, 2009
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Where: The Loft Cinema
3233 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716-3933
Free for the whole family!

Lords of Nature reveals the critical role top predators play in healthy ecosystems and how their return after a long absence can restore ailing ecosystems. Six Arizona environmental organizations are sponsors of the film’s free Tucson premier screening.

For more info contact Keely Sinclair at ksinclair(at)defenders(dot)org or 623-9653 ext. 106

Press Contact: Keith Bagwell: kbagwell744(at)gmail(dot)com  or 740-8723

Thank you and see you soon!

HocoFest 2009 Solar, Music & Audio @ Hotel Congress

Hocofest Music & Audio Con 2009 is a celebration of all things music, solar & sustainable during Labor Day Weekend in sunny Tucson, AZ- home to one of the best indie music scenes in the States.

Hocofest will take over the East quarter of downtown Tucson September 4-6, 2009, enjoy over 40 bands playing live inside Club Congress and outside on solar stages, TAMMIES Awards show, tasty regional food with a global flair, buy vinyl (records!) and vintage memorabilia at the record fair, Family Fest, early Xmas shopping for unique, fairly traded goods and services at the eco-fair, watch an eco-fashion show and enjoy the organic wine tasting!

Hocofest is now hosting the Potluck Audio Con, the best independent audio conference bringing musicians, producers, engineers and do it yourself recording enthusiasts together. Craig Schumacher, lead mover and shaker of  TapeOpCon and PotLuckCon and owner of Wavelab Studio,  is offering incredibly special pricing for previous conference goers – Free! We call it,  The Potluck Con Family Reunion. And for new attendees, great discounting from previous fees.

View schedule here.