Communications Workshop

Learn about Building Relationships:

New Communication Tools to Transform Your Group, Organization, and Community

Learn about powerful new processes for:

* Non-hierarchical organization

* Effective coalitions

* Inclusive communications

* Group decision making

* Productive meetings

Effective communication — the key to success. In stressful, swiftly changing times, it is more challenging and vital than ever.

Become familiar with a dozen powerful, non-hierarchical techniques that facilitate

communication, organization and decisions — from the grassroots to the enterprise –and when each is most effective.

Becoming practiced in forms of communication that are inclusive and nonhierarchical, and thus draw out the best in each individual, is difficult at best within a culture that values the opposite. The goal of communication and relationship building should be power with, not power over. Then everyone benefits. In an interconnected world, it’s the only way each has any possibility of actually reaching their full potential.

This will necessarily be part of the foundation of any sustainable future.

This half-day workshop provides:

* An overview of a dozen of the most powerful new non-hierarchical organization, communication, planning, and decision making tools that have emerged over the last few decades,

* Instruction on how and when you can most effectively employ these processes to serve the evolving purposes of your organization, plus

* Experiential activities. Come prepared to be outside for about an hour.

Facilitated by Allison and Dave Ewoldt of Natural Systems Solutions

There is a suggested registration fee of $25–$45

For more information and to register, please see

or contact Allison — e-mail: phone: 520-887-2502

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