Tucson’s 2nd Annual Bicycle Count

Tucson’s 2nd annual bicycle count needs volunteers. The count is important
to the region to better understand the trends in cycling, the behavior of
cyclists, and to identify locations needing improvements. The more cyclists
we can get on the roads safely, the better our community and our
environment. Last year we counted over 50 locations and this year we are
hoping for over 60. Please consider volunteering for this effort.

The count takes place over 3 days, Oct. 27-29th.

Anyone interested in volunteering needs to attend a very short training
session where you’ll learn more about the count. Volunteers sign up for one location and do 1 morning (7-9 a.m. ) and 1 evening count (4-6 p.m.) – the a.m. and p.m. counts do not have to be on the same day. You can pair up with a friend to split your counts.

We collect different attributes with the count (gender, approximate age,
helmet use, etc.)

Please contact Ann Chanecka, Transportation Planner at: achanecka@pagnet.org, or 792-1093 if you have any questions on the count.

Pima Association of Governments
177 N. Church Ave., Suite 405
Tucson, AZ 85701

520-792-1093 [tel]
520-620-6981 [fax]

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