A New Book from Steven McFadden

The Call of the Land

Explores Surging Agrarian Movement

New book is “An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century”

“Food and farms are involved in a blitzkrieg of changes,” writes veteran journalist Steven McFadden in The Call of the Land, published this October by NorLightsPress. The book gives voice to a growing chorus of 21st century agrarians who are demonstrating a new vision for food and agriculture — a chorus that includes not just sustainable farmers and gardeners, but also Slow Food, Real Food, Locavore and food security activists in cities, suburbs, countryside, churches, companies, and campuses in North America.

Picking up where Food Inc., the recent documentary on the industrial food system leaves off, the tightly written, affordably priced primer presents basic theory and then offers readers dozens upon dozens of creative responses to the many challenges confronting our farms and food and to establishing a wide and wholesome culture of land and food security.

Subtitled “An Agrarian Primer for the 21st Century,” the sourcebook documents a broad range of positive pathways to food security, economic stability, environmental health, and cultural renewal. To McFadden and others, the call of the land now is an SOS. The surging range of creative, innovative responses — from individuals, communities, cities, churches, colleges, and other institutions — is both practical and inspirational.

The new book features dozens upon dozens of positive pathways that can be emulated by households, neighborhoods, suburbs, cities, churches, schools, colleges and corporations. Because the book is a primer, is an ideal tool for educating both students and the general public about the many related positive possibilities in the realm of economy, environment, work, diet, and community integrity.

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