Comprehensive Quincha Workshop

COMPREHENSIVE QUINCHA WORKSHOP (bamboo, mud and straw {cob})
School of Krofting Educational Series

Date: March 19, 20 and 21 2010
Cost: $180 per person ($50 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space)
Instructor: Kyle Young

School of Krofting
Erda Kroft Farm
Arivaca, Arizona

Online at:

During this 3 day workshop, we will be building a small quincha house. Quincha is an ancient building technique developed by the precursors of the Inca Indians. It involves using bamboo as a framework onto which a cob like mixture of mud and straw is applied. Due to its inherent strength and flexibility, quincha is perhaps the most seismically resistant building system in the world. Much of the bamboo used will be harvested from plants on site with other resources coming from the local landscape or locally made. The workshop includes an introduction to and discussion of Krofting and how quincha ties into these principles. We will also tour the farm’s extensive rain water catchments, crops, solar power systems, and natural buildings.

A straw bale hermitage will be available for two people. A small quincha house will also be available for dormitory style sleeping arrangements for up to 5 people. Free camping on the farm will be available or arrangements can be made with local bed and breakfasts, house stays, or a nearby RV park through

Lunch will be included. Breakfast and dinner options are available on the farm for an extra fee (to be determined). Meal arrangements may also be available through your bed and breakfast or house stay. There is also a reasonably priced restaurant, coffee shop, and mercantile within a short distance.

Rides to and from Tucson can be arranged.

Kyle Young has over 30 years of experience with sustainable living and natural building. His farming philosophy is an expansion of Scottish Crofting traditions—an ancient system that sustainably utilizes intact native ecosystems.

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