Sustainable Tucson General Meeting

Joel D Valdez Library (Stone and Alameda)

Lower Level Meeting Room; doors open at 5:30 pm

City/County Water Study – Next Steps?

A landmark, 20-month multi-disciplinary, multi-agency study of Tucson-area water resources was completed just one month ago.  The goal was to develop a common understanding of basic facts and critical factors for planning a sustainable water future.  The Phase I and Phase II reports have now been submitted to the Tucson Mayor and Council and the Pima County Board of Supervisors.  They include 56 recommendations and 19 shared goals for our local governments to endorse and commit resources to attempt to move toward a sustainable water supply in our future.

In one sense we are moving into “uncharted waters”. Challenges of climate change, energy scarcity, population growth, prioritization of water uses and other factors are mixing into a complex societal conundrum.  Join us for another informative and progressive community conversation with the following participants:

Sharon B. Megdal, PhD, is Director of the UA Water Resources Research Center. She also serves as Director of The University of Arizona Water Sustainability Program.

Carl Bauer, PhD, is Associate Director of the Water Resources Research Center and an
Associate Professor in Geography & Regional Development at UA.

Nicole Ewing-Gavin, Assistant to the Tucson City Manager, City Coordinator for the City/County Water & Wastewater Study Committee

Vince Vasquez, Water Resources Coordinator, Diamond Ventures, Inc.

Melaney Seacat, Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department, County Coordinator for the City/County Water & Wastewater Study Committee

The public is welcome.
The meeting is free, but donations are suggested at the door.

For further information:   Judith Mattson, 520-395-0663


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