Community Forum

posted Wednesday, April 28, 2010        

Joel Valdez Main Library, Downtown

According to the organizers: “This community forum will kick off a huge campaign to show Washington that we’re done letting our Democracy be ruled by the profits of giant
corporations. We’re going to gather together in towns and cities around the
country and come up with great ideas about how we organize millions of
Americans to use legislation, elections, and community events to send a
clear message–that enough is enough, and ordinary citizens are coming
back to demand that government work for us.

…The recent Supreme Court decision that lets corporations have the same rights as
people in elections is the final straw. This is a 5 alarm fire–democracy is in
peril. And it’s going to require a citizen army to fight corporate influence,
demand real accountability from our elected leadership, and reboot
American democracy so it works for the hard-working people who make this
country great.”

Everyone is invited, RSVP encouraged:

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