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Tom’s of Maine is asking for the public’s vote to determine five non-profit organizations that will each receive $20,000 through its “50 States for Good initiative. This year, the “50 States for Good” program drew submissions from every state with a special focus on non-profits that need volunteers to help get important projects started in their community or to broaden their reach. These projects can be found at www.50statesforgood.com, where voting runs today through September 10.

We’d like to invite you to vote for our friends at Arizona Homegrown Solutions….


Arizona Homegrown Solutions is one of 41 national finalists for a $20,000 Tom’s of Maine sponsorship for a project we are doing on water harvesting.  Phoenix receives only 8″ of rain a year, making it the driest metro area in North America.  Our project involves placing four rainwater harvesting cisterns at three local non-profits:  Horses Help Therapeutic Riding Center, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center and the Downtown Phoenix Public Market (farmer’s market).  Placing cisterns at each of these sites supports the non-profit’s mission in some way.

  • At Horses Help – the water harvested would water the gardens that are used for horticultural therapy and to provide food for some of the special needs youth and veterans that use the facility.
  • At SW Autism, harvested water would be used to water the outdoor classroom AZ Homegrown Solutions designed for their GardenWorks program – a program designed to help adults with autism learn how to install and maintain landscapes and gardens and work towards job placement and self-sufficiency.
  • At the market, two cisterns would be placed prominently along Central Ave and thus would be exposed to over 30,000 commuters every day.  The harvested water would be used to water their landscaping.  The market is fast becoming a gathering spot for urban sustainability and we are working with them to provide classes and hands-on opportunities to help people understand how they can implement sustainable solutions at home.
  • The sponsorship also includes green job training for our Water Harvesting Practitioners and free classes and workshops for the public.

If you could help spread the word to vote for us ONCE EACH DAY until Sept 10th that would be great.  The voting URL is:  http://www.tomsofmaine.com/community-involvement/living-well/finalists-overview/poll?id=135

Please note that we are up against some heavy hitters.  One of the other finalists was in another voting competition with us and garnered over 80,000 votes. We need as many votes as possible! The top 5 vote-getters will each win $20,000.

Thank you all for being wonderful, community-minded people.  Truly we are not “sustainable” as a culture until EVERYONE is sustained.

If you have any media contacts that you think  would be interested in reporting on this, please let us know.  Attached find the official press release.  Here is the link to the article in USA Today announcing the finalists:  http://content.usatoday.com/communities/kindness/post/2010/08/top-41-finalists-announced-in-toms-of-maines-50-states-for-good-contest/1

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