Wild & Scenic Film Festival

The Loft Cinema, 3233 E Speedway, Blvd., Tucson, Arizona

The Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival On Tour brings together a selection of films from the annual festival held each January in Nevada City, CA. The chosen films not only highlight environmental concerns but also provide solutions, reaching people through beautiful imagery, and inspiring local individuals to get involved in “Conserving the Wild & Scenic Places Close to Home.”

The festival is a natural extension of the work of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. The
Coalition, comprised of 37 conservation and community groups, has worked for a dozen years to achieve
the long-term conservation of biological diversity and ecological function of the Sonoran Desert through
comprehensive land-use planning, with primary emphasis on Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation

The feature film of the evening is Eric Bendick’s “Division Street.” This film highlights the environmental
challenges presented by North America’s vast system of roads. Roads are the largest human artifact on the
planet; they have fragmented wild landscapes, ushered in the ‘age of urban sprawl,’ and challenged our
sense of community. This film looks at the promise of wildlife corridors, the potential for ‘greening’ our
highway system, and the fusion of high-tech engineering with the best and brightest environmental
research happening today.

Cost: $10 general admission. Tickets on sale August 16th at Summit Hut, Antigone Books, and the Tucson
Audubon Nature Shop. Proceeds benefit the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection.
For more information: Contact Gabe Wigtil, gabe.wigtil@sonorandesert.org, 520-388-9925 or visit

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