Zero Emissions Race

Cheers Sustainable Tucson:

Lots of of serendipity is happening!  The Electrics are coming to town!  So now it’s time to tap into furthering the wellspring of EVnthusiastism with Sustainable Tucson.  Many around the country are jumping in as “Indians” and just being players on the Zero Race Regional Coordinating Teams (RCTs).  EVolunteers are needed for the RCT – Arizona, which with “boots on the ground,” its teammates will determine the AZ routing of a composite of Zero Race EV Teams coming into Kingman, AZ and just before arriving at Lordsburg, NM.  Zero Race is being led by the renown Louis Palmer of the SolarTaxi fame, who was the first to do an EV around the world and in a mere 534 days.

The RCT – AZ also looks at locating 240-volt/30 Amp charging stations, setting up the media, and seeking out lodging, if able.  The RCT – AZ will also be taking a hand-off from the RCT – Nevada, composed of mainly Electric Auto Association (EAA) Chapter member–Las Vegas EVA, and guiding the same to New Mexico and then to hand off to RCT – Texas in El Paso, TX, if at all possible.

Furthermore, there’s also a definite need to have a voluntary Regional Coordinator (RC) or Co-RCs to lead RCT — Arizona.

See for further detailed updates as well as the launch announcement, set for 15 August in Geneva, Switzerland.

Do scroll below for background read, especially the scheduling Zero Race EV Teams on runs through Las Cruces, NM/El Paso, TX after its departure from Tucson, AZ, NV, on Monday, 15 November and before its afternoon arrival in Las cruces/El Paso or vicinity, on Tuesday evening, 16 November (with one overnight stay anticipated either in Las Cruces or El Paso).

On Monday, 15 November, the Zero-Race should be en route down from Phoenixto and on Tuesday afternoon, 16 November, it’s on-ward and Eastward to Lordsburg, NM, then Las Cruces, El Paso, …then some 600 miles to San Antonio, and possibly Austin before going South towards Brownsville, TX on Friday, 19 November and on into Matamoros, Mexico on Saturday, 20 November.  That’s it for the moment…!

EVer in the Year of the Plug-ins…with Zero Race leading the World into 2011,

J. “EVJerry” Asher   Zero Race Coordinator-in-Chief for North America   (202) 486-5450 …and situated here in Tucson at Milagro Cohousing

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