10/10/10 Co-Op Workshop

Speedway and Grande

Workshop instructors: Catlow Shipek & Chris Stenken
10/10/10 is set to be a global day of action on climate change in over 180 countries. Events are being planned that demonstrate real solutions, that anybody and everybody can be a part of to the threat of climate change.

In Tucson, Watershed Management group will be installing water harvesting earthworks and planting native mesquite trees to shade a Westside home. By capturing rainwater carbon emissions from water transportation are reduced. The trees will then capture carbon and as they grow, reduce the urban heat island effect as well as reduce inside cooling needs by shading buildings

Pre-workshop excavation will allow workshop participants to focus on fine smoothing and contouring the basins, and planting trees. The event will link up with Empowering Local Communities who will be weatherizing and insulating a home a few doors down the street.

Please RSVP with Rhiwena Slack, co-op@watershedmg.org, 520-396-3266, if you are interested in attending.

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