Potluck Salad/Dessert Luncheon

First United Methodist Church

Park Avenue at East 4th Street

Parking off 4th behind the church

The annual World Community Day celebration is one of four national Church Women United celebrations.  It is our opportunity to invite members of the wider community to engage in prayerful conversation about community issues that touch us deeply and strengthen relationships among diverse groups devoted to the cause of peace and economic justice.

The program will include: singing; praying together; small group conversations about chosen topics, culminating with suggestions for follow up actions we can take together and with means in place to monitor outcomes; an offering, all of which goes to support our national work; and, a shared meal–a  potluck salad dessert luncheon.  For the luncheon, our hosts will provide drinks, utensils, and napkins.  In the spirit of environmental stewardship, each person is encouraged to bring their own plate.

This celebration embraces one of the four building blocks of our Quadrennial Priority, “Building a World Fit for All God’s Children”– the building block of Economic Justice.  We in Church Women United commit ourselves to promote dignity, safety, and economic opportunities for all.  The other three building blocks are Health, Environmental Care and Peace.

Our vision is one of Beloved Community, a gift from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Over the centuries, many religious groups, sects and orders have worked at creating communities that reflect principles of justice, equality and spiritual centeredness. From the beginnings of our faith, Christians built their own communities as they contributed to a larger vision of political and social justice. Come and be a part of Church Women United in Tucson’s invitation to interact with people of faith about issues that affect us all.

For more information or if you would like to be included in the program, contact program co-chair  Vera Lander at 770-9861 or veralander@yahoo.com.  Olga Tafolla is Vera’s co-leader.

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