Power 2K10, an original work


The Harold Dixon Directing Studio in the Drama Building on the University of Arizona Campus, 1031 N. Olive Rd at the southeast corner of Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard.

During the mid-30s, the Federal Theatre Project produced a series of Living Newspaper performances that gave
spectators a way to understand the complicated political debates and economic circumstances making the daily
headlines. Power 2K10 will help today\’s consumers understand the basic concepts of green energy and the
politics surrounding sustainability. The performance, comprised of a series of scenes, draws from the Living
Newspaper\’s tradition of cultural criticism through comedy and satire.

Using the 1937 Federal Theatre Project’s production of Power as a model, students from the University of
Arizona’s School of Theatre, Film and Television have created a piece of theatre that addresses the current local
and national dialogues around sustainable energy. Both written and directed by the students, the production
explores the process of developing original work that is relevant to the University population as well as Tucson
audiences at large. Power 2K10 attempts to keep the tradition of socially engaging theatre alive by using the
Living Newspaper format of the 1930’s. This innovative experience will strive to inspire the local community
to make a contribution toward sustaining the health of our planet.

In the wake of the media’s frenzied current dialogues around green energy and sustainability, the creators of
Power 2K10 realized the need to be better informed on these topics. Using their diverse individual expertise in
the art form, these university theatre students will present their findings with the local audience in hopes of
encouraging them to think critically about these issues. Power 2K10 will be a tool for staging this
contemporary dialogue, a demonstration of the belief that theatre can help illuminate ideas that currently seem trapped and overly complicated within a heated, rancorous partisan debate. Power 2K10, ideally, will deepen
the community’s understanding about the basic concepts of sustainability and green energy so that we all can
participate in a community discussion about these same issues. Equipped with a broader scope of
understanding of these complex subjects we will all become further empowered to make more sustainable
choices in our daily lives.

For additional information on the project, contact Dr. Christin Essin at 520.621.8756
or essin@email.arizona.edu.

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