Water and Natural Gas

The New York Times reminds us that getting to the natural gas that many see as an alternative source of “cleaner energy” may have equally serious threats to our water supply.

In the words of one expert:

“We’re burning the furniture to heat the house,” said John H. Quigley, who left last month as secretary of Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. “In shifting away from coal and toward natural gas, we’re trying for cleaner air, but we’re producing massive amounts of toxic wastewater with salts and naturally occurring radioactive materials, and it’s not clear we have a plan for properly handling this waste.”

Read the complete article here.

Cyclovia Tucson

Cyclovia Tucson is a annual car-free event that opens selected streets to people so that they can walk, skate, run, bicycle, and socialize with their neighbors. It’s a free event, open to the public and fun for people of all ages.

Bring your family and friends to explore the route and enjoy a beautiful spring day filled with free activities. Take advantage of car-free streets — during Cyclovia, the street is yours!

When: Sunday, March 27, 2011 from 10am to 3pm

Where: Starting downtown and making a 5 mile loop South and back again

How much does it cost? It’s free!

For more information visit the website   http://www.cycloviatucson.org/

Water Festival

Tucson’s Synergistic Water Festival at the Armory Park Community Center

Art show by local and national artists, dance / theater performance, water expert speakers, Enviro-Exhibitor Fair, round table discussions, workshops, hands-on participation, kid’s activities, music and more!

More information at www.WaterFestivalTucson.org

Labelling GMO in Foods? Why Not?

Mark Bittman, writing in the New York Times explores this issue.

“If you want to avoid sugar, aspartame, trans-fats, MSG, or just about anything else, you read the label. If you want to avoid G.M.O.’s — genetically modified organisms — you’re out of luck. They’re not listed. You could, until now, simply buy organic foods, which by law can’t contain more than 5 percent G.M.O.’s. Now, however, even that may not work.”

To read the complete article, follow this link.

Moving to Common Ground

Be a part of the premier of Tucson’s Common Ground. Come be a part of the 1st monthly celebration of local community discovering and inventing Itself.

Be a part of a 100% Interactive Exploration in Education, Entertainment, Networking, Creativity, Dialogue, Music, Dance, Collaboration and FUN!

Where?: On top of the Pennington Street Garage (SE Corner of E. Pennington Street and N. Scott Avenue, above Cafe Poca Cosa).

Visit the website: CommonGroundTucson.org

See You There!