Cob Hot Tub Workshop

A wood-fired cob-insulated hot tub is a low-tech, healthful and beautiful thing. Used like a Japanese bath, one scrubs and showers before entering the heated tub, steaming with desert lavender or chaparral, and soaks away one’s cares. If your shower and bath greywater help to irrigate native and heritage trees, which provide food, shade and privacy, then you’re cleaner, healthier and happier!

This workshop will introduce and reinforce cob building basics, such as building a good foundation, cob mixing and application, venting and finishing. Greywater as a resource and water conservation will be discussed. We’ll be starting one hot tub and finishing another so that you experience a project that takes longer than one day to complete.

Cholla buds will probably be coming on by the end of March, so if you want to take a break from mud-slinging, we’ll harvest some of those delicious morsels and process them! Lunch featuring local foods will be served.

To register, email us at, call for more information, and check out and for upcoming classes and workshops.

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