June Sustainable Tucson General Meeting

On Becoming One Desert Community

A Desert Community is a group of people that have the culture, the tools and knowledge, and the commitment to thrive here in the normal times, and survive here, in the worst time.  Becoming a desert community is our future, or we don’t have one.

What will it take…  What can we do… to become a Desert Community?  Join your neighbors and some of Tucson’s best thinkers and practitioners, and find out at “On Becoming One Desert Community”, the new initiative of Sustainable Tucson to go beyond more talk to Action.

Sustainable Tucson has initiated an effort to re-think and re-create Tucson as a sustainable, resilient desert community that thrives and survives in the 21st century and beyond.  This series of presentations  will address:

* What does it mean to BE a “Desert Community”?

* What do we need to be good at?  (REALLY good at)

* What stands in our way and what are our strengths?

* What, specifically,  can we do?

At each meeting, you will hear from some of Tucson’s best thinkers on what we need to BE and need to DO so we can HAVE what is important.

And you will find ways to Act.  Representatives of groups that are acting on important pieces of this puzzle will invite you to join them to do something important.  And, as you share your ideas, we will help you find others who want to develop other ways to make a difference.

Come to the next Sustainable Tucson meeting, as we continue the never-ending journey toward a bright, resilient and sustainable future.   Learn from experts and each other, what it will mean to BE One Desert Community.


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