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Request for Proposals: Design of “Arizona Heritage Food Wagon”


The “Arizona Heritage Food Wagon” will be built by local artists, carpenters, or metalworkers and simultaneously serve as 1) a piece of art with iconic images of Arizona heritage foods; 2) an information kiosk about the history of those foods and the Arizona based producers and restaurants currently offer them; 3) an educational video display viewing station for presenting DVDs (produced separately) that will be about these foods; 4) a farmers’ market “booth” featuring the actual foods for viewing, sample tasting, or sales; and 5) a speakers’ platform where humanities content (historic, social and geographic) regarding Arizona’s unique food, farming and ranching legacies can be presented at public events. The content of this exhibit will focus on contrasts between historic images of Arizona food producers and their contemporary counterparts who fit few stereotypes or romanticized clichés.

The Food Wagon will be built on a 77” x 12’ long flatbed trailer. The walls, doors, and/or windows of the food wagon can be made primarily from recycled materials or from Arizona native woods, copper and woven materials. The motifs should reflect the multicultural traditions of the state and feature iconic foods such as chiles, cattle, corn, squash, cactus, wheat and mesquite. Designers/builders may work as a team or as individuals. Three-dimensional designs of a sculptural nature are highly encouraged, but two-dimensional elements in any media will be acceptable.

Project budget

Artists’ fee of $7,500 ($5,000 up front and $2,500 upon completion) will cover design, building and all materials except the platform, which will be provided.

Preliminary Applications DUE June 1st, 2011

For more information go to www.saboresfronteras.com

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