Saguaro Fruit Harvest

Saguaro Fruit Harvest: preparation, syrup, sweets and a special liqueur

Saguaro harvest marks the beginning of summer’s bounty, and the act of harvesting with gratitude is the traditional way to invite the return of monsoon rains.

We’ll be harvesting, preparing -and thanking saguaros for- their delicious, nutritious fruit; walking and learning about saguaro/ ironwood forest plants and the importance of stewardship of the Sonoran Desert; promoting re-wilding urban spaces with edible and medicinal plants; feasting on local foods and drink; and if mesquite, ironwood and palo verde beans are on the trees, we’ll do a little bean pickin’, too.

The time will probably be moved up to 8am-12pm (maybe even earlier if it works for participants) to stay a little cooler.

Workshop is $50 and includes lunch. Visit the website to register.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me at For more information about the farm and/or related  workshops, see and

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